In Amarillo, one might think that the options for brunch are limited, or even nonexistent. This assumption is so far from the truth. Amarillo has some incredible places to get great food, enjoy a craft cocktail, and socialize. Here are the top 5 places to have an amazing brunch experience in Amarillo.

1. Butterlove Biscuits

Butterlove Biscuits, located at 3440 South Bell Street, is the perfect spot for a quick, yet delicious brunch. Butterlove is centered around biscuits, and they make some of the best around! They offer over 20 different kinds of biscuits, ranging from savory options like the jalapeno popper biscuit or the spinach cream cheese biscuit to some that cater to people that like things on the sweeter side like their classic butter biscuit and a seasonal option, the pumpkin spice biscuit.

Butterlove also offers several “sandwiches” made with their signature biscuits. My favorite item on the menu is the Great Balls of Fire biscuit sandwich, which is inspired by Nashville’s signature hot chicken. It is spicy, savory, and all- around delicious! If biscuits are not your thing, they offer several different, classic brunch items, such as French toast and chicken and dumplings.

Butterlove also offers a full-service bar. Their bar serves signature drink specials such as a pumpkin pie white Russian and an alcohol-infused cold brew. They also offer the two drinks that most people have come to associate with brunch, Bloody Mary’s and mimosas, which are some of their most popular items. The ever-changing menu, great drinks, and the casual atmosphere of Butterlove Biscuits make it a must-visit restaurant for your next brunch date.


2. Cask and Cork

Cask and Cork, located at 5461 McKenna Square, is the place to go when you need a break from your everyday routine. Cask and Cork strives to find the perfect balance between casual comfort food and upscale fine dining, and they have created just that. This restaurant seems to transport you to another place, with its beautiful rooftop patio and amazing wine selection.

Cask and Cork’s brunch menu is a twist on casual brunch fair, elevating normal comfort food items to something new. Their menu ranges from classic brunch items like eggs benedict to out-of-the-box options like smoked salmon flatbread and chicken Florentine crepes. My go-to brunch item here is the rum pancakes, which are rum infused pancakes topped with pineapple curd, YUM! The items on their menu vary drastically, so each time you visit, you can have a completely different dining experience. Cask and Cork also offers a full-service bar that can meet any of your mid-day cocktail needs, specializing in an array of mimosas and other cocktails.
Be sure to visit Cask and Cork for a unique, yet somehow familiar brunch experience. It is sure to impress!


3. Metropolitan

If you are not following the theme here, to have a great brunch, you also need a great bar. Metropolitan definitely meets that criteria. Their drinks are like their food: classics, but amped up and re-imaged. Mimosas are offered as well as Bellini’s and Bloody Mary’s. They also offer a Swedish mule and a lavender Chilton. The lavender Chilton is my favorite brunch cocktail that is offered here! It is so clean and refreshing, just what you need in the morning for a good pick-me-up!

If you are looking for not only good food and drinks but a unique brunch experience as a whole, Metropolitan – a Speakeasy is the place for you


4. Public House

The Public House, located at 3333 South Coulter Street, is the perfect place for people to come together and enjoy great food and quality drinks. The goal of Public House is to make you feel right at home while using the best quality ingredients possible.

The brunch menu at Public House is filled with tried and true items. They have omelette’s, pancakes, and French toast. They also have some different items like are kind of a mash-up of two classics, like the chicken fried steak and eggs. My favorite brunch dish is the chile relleno omelette, it is cheesy, a little spicy, and all-around delicious! While their items may seem simple, the quality ingredients elevate the dishes to a whole new level.

Now, on to the drinks. Public House offers several cocktails that are on the menu year-round, like sangria, their signature bloody mary, and a margarita. They also have several seasonal cocktails that rotate on and off the menu. A couple of the seasonal cocktails that they are offering at the moment are the grapefruit mezcalarita and the summer cooler, a cucumber and lime drink that is so refreshing!


5. Six Car Pub and Brewery

6 Car Pub and Brewery, located at 625 South Polk Street, is a gem in downtown Amarillo. The building offers a beautiful rooftop that provides a perfect view of Amarillo’s historic downtown. It is a restaurant and brewery, determined to bring Amarillo into the future while using our area’s past and traditions as a building block. They strive to use not only fresh but also local ingredients for their food and grain for their beer whenever possible. Six Car Pub and Brewery is also the largest microbrewery and restaurant in Amarillo.

The brunch menu at Six Car is very unique from what you typically expect to see in our area. They offer a grilled PB&J, which is made entirely from housemaid ingredients. Yes, you read that right! They make their jam, their peanut butter, and even the sourdough bread fresh. They also offer both a classic waffle and an elevated version that is served with fried chicken on top. My personal favorite is the steak and eggs, served with a crispy potato hash that is topped with onions, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese. This is a standard brunch item that they do oh so well! They strive to always have the best products possible, which is why almost everything is made in house.

Their cocktail menu at brunch is simple but great. They offer mimosas, house-made michelada’s, and all of their signature beers. They typically have around 10 or more beers at a time to choose from.

Six Car Pub and Brewery is the perfect spot in Amarillo to get delicious comfort food and beer, brewed in house, all crafted from local ingredients.